Interview with our representative for Energy Management

Maximilian Dußling has been working at BIOTEC for almost three years now and we are delighted to share his engagement with the company’s visions. We would like to congratulate him for his most recent achievement in Energy Management by TÜV.

The expertise in energy management allows us to tap into potential savings. By utilizing our methods and tools optimally and consistently our business will thrive in connecting management and technology assessment. Let us hear what he has to share:

How do you see your future with BIOTEC?
I’m not that new to the company anymore and on a level where I can process most of my tasks relative freely, so I started to feel comfortable here. As far as this goes, I’m pleased to work here.  For the future, also with my new qualification, I want to and can work more in the field of energy and resource management, also fitting well to my position in application engineering. Maybe even more towards management processes.

What do you like the most about BIOTEC?
I like most the way we’re working here. It doesn’t feel like top to down structure, more cooperatively. And everything is running well.

What would you say is the most important topic that you have learned during this course?
On the one side, I learned that BIOTEC is already on a good start with implementing an energy management system, but there is still a way to go and it’s a continuous process. Also looking forward to the implementation of the new measurement system that’s being installed these weeks. On the other side, I learned to work even better with the tool for this management system, the ISO 50001. I was shown a lot of approaches for better energy usage and got a first look inside the methods of the ISO itself. Considering to visit the expanding course on more information.

What are the potential methods you would suggest for BIOTEC to start implementing or to improve?
One big step is already being implemented with a good measurement system and software evaluation by the company Enermeter. Another task for more energy-saving and careful use of resources is waking more awareness in every employee and reducing the amount of waste produced.